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WPD 1.5.2042 RC1

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Customize your Windows privacy settings


A Windows settings customization tool that allows you to change Windows privacy settings to disable unwanted features, block IPs used for telemetry, uninstall unwanted Microsoft apps, and block Windows updates. .

WPD overview

WPD is a portable application that allows you to customize Windows privacy-related settings.

Features of WPD
Your PrivacyDisable Windows privacy settings/functions
blockerBlock IP addresses used for spying and telemetry
- Block third-party app connections
・Block Windows update IP
App or Application or Sakurabook AppUninstall unnecessary store apps
Customize your Windows privacy settings


WPD allows you to customize the group policies, services, tasks, and other settings responsible for Windows data collection and transmission.

You can also block telemetry IP addresses, block Windows updates, and easily remove preinstalled Microsoft Store apps and other apps.

A free app that lets you change your privacy settings

WPD is a Windows privacy management tool that allows you to protect your privacy by disabling unnecessary Windows features, block unwanted IPs in your firewall, and uninstall unwanted applications.If you don't like the default Windows settings and features, you can customize them.


  • Change (disable) Windows privacy settings
  • Block IP addresses used for spying and telemetry
  • Blocking third-party app connections
  • Block Windows updates
  • Remove Microsoft Store App


Price: Free
Operating environment:Windows 7|8|8.1|10|11
Language:Japanese etc.
last updated: 1 years ago (2021/10/20)
Number of downloads:114

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How to use


1. How to install

WPD can be used without installation.

  • Unzip the downloaded ZIP file and click [wpd.exe] file to start the application.


Basic usage

1. Main screen

When you launch WPD, you will see three categories of available features. To change Windows privacy settings, clickYour Privacy, or to block Windows telemetry, apps, and updates,blocker, to uninstall the store app, click "App or Application or Sakurabook App” to proceed.



  • "Configuration, you can create a restore point and change the language.



2. Privacy

"Your Privacy, you can change privacy settings for Local Group Policy, Services, and Scheduler.

  • You can disable selected features and settings by turning the switch on the left to "off".



3. Blocker

"blocker, you can block IP addresses used for spying and telemetry, block third-party app connections, and block Windows updates.

  • You can enable blocking by clicking on the item you want to block.


4. Apps

"App or Application or Sakurabook App, you can uninstall Windows apps you don't need.

  • Select the app you want to uninstall and click the [Delete selected] button to uninstall.


Frequently Asked Questions

About license.

WPD is free for everyone.If you want to support development, please consider donating to the author.